Dining Room Design Ideas to Make the Holidays Special

As Thanksgiving and the following holiday season are upon us, it is the perfect time to take a step back and consider dining room design ideas. For many years, the dining table in a home has served as a significant piece of furniture, creating a welcoming space for families to gather.

Often considered to be the center of a home, the dining room serves many purposes. Not only does it act as a place for daily meals with immediate family, but a place to do homework, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or have serious discussions. As our day to day life continues to pick up the pace, often times family dinners can go by the wayside and the dining room can be neglected; until now.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Relaxing Retreat

All too often when considering decorating ideas our home, the bedrooms get left for last. We tend to focus first on areas that will be seen by guests and let private areas fall to the wayside.

It’s time to break the mold. Spend some quality time focusing on bedroom decorating ideas to create a relaxing retreat. Have a great space to wind down at the end of a busy day and decorate accordingly to maximize your opportunities for a great night’s sleep.

Choosing a Room’s Color Scheme

No matter what season, it is important to liven up your living space with pops of color. Incorporating a color scheme to a room, especially in the winter months, can make your home warm and inviting.

A basic rule followed by most interior designers is the 60-30-10 rule. This rule is easy to follow to ensure that a room’s color scheme has just the right amount of balance for your interior design. For example, 60 percent of the room is the main color, usually the primary paint color; the 30 percent should be your second color, usually the primary furniture color or cabinet color in the space. The remaining 10 percent is what should be used for accent colors. These can be embodied using artwork, accent furniture pieces or linens.