Tango Power Cinema Recliners W/Entertainment Wedge

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Can be configured multiple ways. Price includes 3 Power Cinema Recliners with USB ports and 2 Home Entertainment Small Console Wedge’s.

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Dual pillowed back cushioning, tailored padded armrests, dual cup holders, chaise ottoman and detail stitching accentuating the remarkable framing details of Tango, make this reclining entertainment article a perfect fit for home theatre or reclined living applications. Ergonomically designed for premium comfort, Tango features infinite reclining positions, a full lay-out position for sleeping, and a layer of memory foam in its seat cushioning construction bringing the benefits of memory foam technology captured in the bedding industry into reclining comfort. Whether rallying for the game, enjoying a movie with the family, or taking a power nap, choose Tango!

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Southern Motion


36" W X 41" D X 41" H (Chair) Width 17" Depth 32" Height 22" (Wedge)