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How Homeowners Can Create a Soothing Bedroom Space

Oct 15, 2021


Everyone has a sanctuary within their own home. For some, the place they feel most safe is their bedroom space. Many homeowners underestimate the importance of creating a soothing bedroom space to escape from day-to-day life. It’s essential to create a designated area in your home where you can relax and let loose. Use these tips to customize your space to create the most comfortable oasis possible:

Incorporate Calm Colors

The first step in creating a more soothing bedroom space is to use calming colors on the walls and throughout the room. Begin by rethinking what colors you have in your current room and consider which colors are most comforting to you. ​​Usually, the most relaxing bedrooms are decorated in cool, neutral colors that perhaps remind you of a peaceful day by the beach.

It’s best to avoid bright tones when trying to achieve your personal sanctuary. Loud colors like bright red, orange, and purple can throw the room off. Stick with mid-tone or pastel shades that add a variety of colors without making your eyes work overtime. Take time to consider if repainting your room is something that would change the vibes in your room. Depending on the size and severity of the project, you may be able to snag painting equipment and DIY. However, if the paint job seems above your skill level, hiring a professional painter could help secure an efficient job.

Create Ambiance with Plants

Creating ambiance is the second most important aspect of creating the coziest bedroom space. There are a variety of ways to create ambiance; some ways consist of plants, posters, records, old picture frames, and an assortment of other soothing items. One of the most commonly used items in homes across the globe are plants. It’s becoming increasingly popular to see them scattered throughout homes. ​​Live plants are unmatched against any other bedroom feature as these can generate feelings of tranquility, life, and health.

Two unique plants that professionals recommend for your bedroom are snake plants and english ivy plants. Snake plants are known to filter air quality during the day and at night, while english ivy can rid your indoor air of toxins. It’s best to spread your plants evenly throughout your room, maybe with a few smaller plants on your dresser or desk, or one large plant placed in a corner of your room. It’s your room, so take control and decide what kind of ambiance you want to create with different plants.

Control the Lighting

Lighting plays a major factor in determining whether your room is calming or overbearing at times. It’s critical to consider the amount of lighting in your room at designated times. In the morning, some may want instant sunlight to help them wake up, while others who wish to sleep in want to feel a sense of darkness. Some homeowners want little to no sunlight in their bedrooms in the afternoon into the evening, while others thrive on incoming rays from the daytime sunlight.

It’s become more common to hang calming colorful lights throughout your room for a boost in ambiance. Christmas lights and even salt lamps are great ways to increase the calming vibes of a space. Generally, you should stick with 3-way bulbs or lamps with dimmers so you can adjust the intensity to your needs. When it’s time to relax, turn the lights down low enough to take the edge off.

Ensure Efficient Air Quality

Air quality is often underestimated by homeowners when considering the comfort in their bedrooms.

Ensuring efficient air quality is not only good for your health but can also support a good night’s sleep. It’s important to note that poor indoor air quality can worsen asthma and allergies. There are a variety of ways to preserve the quality of the air in your bedroom and around your home.

To start, revisit your HVAC and A/C and check to see if there are any flaws or leaks. In order to protect these essential systems from failure, consider a home warranty. This can preserve the integrity of your air filter unit from deterioration that can occur over time. Another way to ensure efficient air quality is to vacuum your floor and mattress weekly, as this can consistently keep the items in your room as clean as possible and eliminate dust. It’s also beneficial to replace your mattress or furniture after time; consistently cleaning these features can create a cleaner bedroom over time. Finally, try to reduce the number of scents and chemicals in your room. It may seem hard, but even pleasant scents from candles, plug-ins, and essential oils can cause asthma symptoms.

Declutter Often

Decluttering frequently is especially critical when trying to create a peaceful bedroom space.

This may seem like a rather obvious task to complete, but procrastination can restrict you from keeping your room clean at all times. It’s rather difficult to relax in a bedroom that is messy, so try to clear out overwhelming clutter to make your bedroom more zen. Although it seems much easier said than done, you can benefit by taking a day or two to get rid of anything that you don’t need anymore.

A great way to declutter is to go through your bedroom closet and separate your clothes according to season. Depending on the time of year, store your out-of-season clothes elsewhere while replacing those with those that are in-season. Try removing any accessories that you don’t need any longer, as these can build up over time. Use boxes or other storage tools to relocate anything in your room that has been taking up the most space. Finding the motivation to declutter every once in a while will always pay off in the long run and you’ll thank yourself for it when you’re ready to relax.


People spend a third of their life in their bedroom, so why not make it the most comforting space in the whole house that encapsulates the feeling of peace you seek after a stressful day? Try incorporating these tips, even some of the more demanding ones, to create a more soothing bedroom space that you look forward to returning to as soon as you leave your bed in the morning.


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