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Let Your Style Shine Through in Your Home

Oct 15, 2014

Many people express their personality through their clothing. When asked to define personal style, our minds usually go to how we dress ourselves on a day to day basis. But, how do you express your personal style and personality through your living space You should learn how to dress your home to reflect those fashion flares too.

Establish an Overall Theme

Just because a particular furniture set is displayed together using a certain color palette in the showroom doesn’t mean that it is just right for you. Your home should represent your personal style and flair as well as your personality. To start the process of incorporating your style into your living space, take a look inside your closet. Picking out uniquely styled furniture combinations is essentially just like building a wardrobe. Start by choosing the pieces you love and that work well together to establish an overall theme. Chances are when you look at your wardrobe there is a color palette that is more prominent than others. Another important thing to consider when starting out is the style of your home. Find the perfect balance between your personal style and staying true to the style of the house that you live in.

Find a Focal Point

Just like an outfit you put together before a night out, a room should have a focal point. In an outfit, this focal point is typically a bold color or a statement jewelry piece. In a room, it could be a painted accent wall or patterned chair. Choose a piece to be the focal point in every room. Just one way to achieve this is by playing with color.

Limit Trend Pieces

There are numerous trends that can be popular at one time for both interior and fashion design. Just like when choosing an outfit, try to stick to just one or two trendy pieces at a time. Remember that furniture is not something you can replace as easily as a piece of clothing. Consider the wear of the fabric, practicality and how timeless the style is.
When decorating your interior space, stay true to your personal style and let your personality shine through. Pick pops of color that express your personality and practical, long lasting pieces that make your home an extension of your personal flare.


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