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What the Heck is a Super Wedge?!

Feb 12, 2016

You may have noticed some of our sectionals have a Super Wedge in the middle. I wouldn’t be too surprised if you asked the question in the title. Let me tell you what makes it Super enough that we’d put it in the name.

First off, this wedge is bigger. Have you had one in the past, or sat on one at a friend’s house, where you just couldn’t get comfortable The arms of the sofa and loveseat were in too close, no room for your legs and it just didn’t work Well, we felt the same way, so we brought in the Super Wedge. It puts more space in between the sofa and loveseat, meaning you can actually sit there and get comfortable! No more relegating the wedge to little kids or the dog. It’s now a fully-functional seat. And a pretty comfy one at that.

Next, there are no hookups. I’m sure you’ve seen those wedges where they click on to the sofa and loveseat, meaning you can only put them in that configuration. For instance, sofa on the right and loveseat on the left. But what if you redo the living room Or what if you move What if you really now need the shorter one on the right Well, the super wedge lets you do that, no hookups! It just slides right in between, making the connection, looking inviting, but not forcing you to choose.

Finally, don’t have enough space for a sofa/love Or really want that center console on both sides Fine! The Super Wedge means you can have two loveseats around it, or two sofas around it, if you’ve got the room. Make the configuration yours, make it fit your home, and the Super Wedge will do its job, comfortably.

But don’t take my word that it’s comfortable, come in and have a seat! It’s the only way to really appreciate the Super Wedge.

We’ll see you soon!


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