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Choosing a Room’s Color Scheme

Oct 16, 2014

No matter what season, it is important to liven up your living space with pops of color. Incorporating a color scheme to a room, especially in the winter months, can make your home warm and inviting.

A basic rule followed by most interior designers is the 60-30-10 rule. This rule is easy to follow to ensure that a room’s color scheme has just the right amount of balance for your interior design. For example, 60 percent of the room is the main color, usually the primary paint color; the 30 percent should be your second color, usually the primary furniture color or cabinet color in the space. The remaining 10 percent is what should be used for accent colors. These can be embodied using artwork, accent furniture pieces or linens.

Express your personal style and unique flare by incorporating color into all living spaces. To break it down even further, here are five easy ways to work color into your living space.

1. Furniture

More and more, furniture is becoming a great way to bring color into your living space. This choice is a little more of a commitment, but can really give your space a bold look. Vintage pieces are easy to find in fun colors, but with the return of the retro style, new pieces in bright colors are becoming increasingly popular too. Remember, when using furniture as for a room’s color scheme focal point, stick with just one accent piece.

2. Pillows

The use of decorative pillows can make a huge difference in any space. Not only can pillows be a way to add color, but they also add different layers, textures and help to make your space feel warm and comfortable.

3. Books

Books can serve multiple purposes as well. Look for books at second hand stores or take the covers off old books that fit your color scheme. Books can add an extra dimension to a bland piece of furniture in your space.

4. Art

Art can be anything from a large painting on the wall to a small decorative piece on a bookshelf. Either way, they can both play an important role in bringing your space together with color accents. Wall art can be a great option to incorporate color when renting a space where painting is often not an option.

5. Rugs

Rugs can really bring a space together. Look for a rug that incorporates all of the colors used in a space. Try and find a rug that highlights the accent colors and still minimally incorporates the primary wall color as well.

Follow these simple rules to begin to bring your space to life. Use accent pieces to make your space warm and inviting as well as a space that shows off your unique style.


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