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Making the Most of Decorating Small Spaces

Oct 16, 2014

You don’t always need a huge house to have a well-designed, fun and stylish place. Make your small space work harder with some easy decorating solutions to make the most of the space you do have. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules to live by when decorating and furnishing small living spaces.

Small spaces don’t always require small furniture.

Just because you have a small space to work with doesn’t necessarily mean that your furniture and decorations have to be small as well. Oftentimes a single larger piece of furniture can work better for a space than a few small pieces. If you find a large sofa that you love, go for that instead of a smaller loveseat and chairs.

Organize last.

Staying organized is key when working with a small space. Avoiding clutter will help the space seem larger and create more room for carefully selected accessories and furniture. But, purchase organizing supplies last. Take inventory of what can be gotten rid of and what needs to stay. Purchase organizing supplies just for those remaining items.

Utilize mirrors and glass.

Mirrors and glass are valuable allies when decorating a small space. By maximizing the light with mirrors on the wall, on the table or by using glass frames for artwork, light reflects and bounces off these surfaces.

Make the most of natural light.

In coordination with the last tip, it is important to make the most of the natural light available to the space. Hang curtains so that when they are open, they aren’t covering any of the window. Curtains should be hung so that the curtains fall outside the window frame, not inside it. Also, try hanging the curtains from the ceiling or well above the top of the window to make the window appear larger.

Maximize vertical space.

When hanging curtains, picking out furniture or shelving, it is important to maximize the vertical space. Utilize this available space and also draw the eye upward by displaying art higher, making the area feel more expansive.

Multi-use furniture.

Consider purchasing furniture that doubles as storage or pieces that can serve multiple purposes. This will eliminate the use of unnecessary furniture and free up more floor space.


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